O-o-oh for the pause that refreshes… Coca-Cola 1935

This woman looks about as uncomfortable as any person I have ever seen in my entire life. It’s terrifying to think how much electricity is flowing through the electric hair curlers in this 1935 advertisement for Coca-Cola. I, for one, am glad that firstly, men are not subject (at least in general) to such tortures and secondly that women… well… woman only get tortured on this scale once a month or so.

Coca-Cola 1935
Ad Text:

O-o-oh for the pause that refreshes. But why keep on Longing…? In a beauty parlor or any situation, ice-cold Coca-Cola makes a pause refreshing… with a wave of wholesome buoyancy that restores you to normal. And Coca-Cola is ready at fountains or in bottles, ice-cold and tingling, around the corner from anywhere.


We’re to believe that the product will be so refreshing that it almost makes you float on air!  Go to your local soda fountain today and get some!  If, that is, you can find a soda fountain.

So would you buy this product based on this ad?  Does it make you feel positively about the product?  More importantly, would you have your hair done with such a contraption?


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10 responses to “O-o-oh for the pause that refreshes… Coca-Cola 1935

  1. I like this one too. It seems contradictory to us today — how could anyone be so relaxed knowing about all those volts so close to their brain — but the only thing I can think is that a trip to the beauty salon was quite a luxury… Like a coke. Unlike today. Only recently in life has water replaced coke as my primary daily beverage…

    So yeah, this ad is a delightfully amusing contradiction. I kept this also for mah screensaver when you posted it years ago at the old Tattered…

    • Rob Slaven

      It makes me wonder how many people were unwittingly electrocuted by hair curlers back in the day. Hrm. Amusingly I saw this EXACT ad in the Indiana State Museum in the “Indiana Oddities” section. Theirs was in much worse shape. I considered donating this original to replace it. Much better condition.

  2. Love the old ads! Does it make you at all wonder about what people in 50 years will be saying about present-day cultural state of affairs?

    • Rob Slaven

      Yeah, it does. I guess we’ll have to wait around and find out! I’m guessing they’ll make fun of us for being so blah, just like those wacky 50s. 🙂

  3. These are fun! Reminds me when I used to listen to the oldies radio shows on XM radio. While not visual, they’d play some original ads occasionally. One of the ads was for an all-metal-made Ford that got 20 mpg. Doesn’t seem we’ve progressed much in that department in 60+ years.

  4. shadowcass

    I might…tell me, Rob… would you drink Diet coke based on THIS ad?
    [audio src="http://www.mischkemadness.com/audiofiles/i_drink_diet_coke.mp3" /]

  5. chaconrafa

    Now that was a drink wow ! I give up soft drinks long time ago, water is the way to go for me.

  6. I am researching these contraptions and you would be surprised how popular they were at the time. I had a woman tell me this morning that they were scary. In our museum we are going to make an exhibit centered around the machine. The name, “Beauty and the Beast”! Thanks for your information!

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