Maxwell House Coffee – 1910

Everyone’s heard about Maxwell House Coffee, Good to the Last Drop!  But this ad has the bonus that it also mentions that more obscure product Maxwell House Tea.  At over 100 years old, this ad also treats us to a mode of dress not often seen in the coffee drinking masses of today.  Note too the pipe.

Maxwell House Coffee - 1910

Ad Text:

In its flavor as unchanging as time.  The same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

— If you cannot buy “Maxwell House” in your locality, write to our nearest plant for prices, and give the name of your dealer.

It’s interesting to note the emphasis on consistency of the product. This from a time in history when you might not necessarily get the same product with every purchase.

So would you buy this product?  Good vibes or bad ones?


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5 responses to “Maxwell House Coffee – 1910

  1. Can’t say. I already have such a positive bias for this product. I am a coffee anti-connoisseur. My favorite coffees are instant. What I find interesting here is the way they do not underestimate the capabilities of their potential customers. Fully confident that they can somehow locate the nearest plant and get its address, to write… Personally, I would never have been able to pull that off before Google maps…

    • I forgot about phone books. Good ol’ phone books. Good for more than just cluttering up the house. Did they have phone books back then?

    • Rob Slaven

      Yeah, I suspect that if the phone book didn’t apply then the magic of directory assistance would. You bring up a good question though… perhaps I should start a blog about life before computers. “How did they find addresses in other cities before google?” sort of thing. 🙂 Could cover all sorts of topics like how music was stored and replayed. I’m sure I could find information on … records… and all that antiquated wizardry. 🙂

      • El oh el.

        But that is becoming increasingly relevant. I may have mentioned before how my TV has been reduced to a monitor for the DVD player. My daughter knows how to play DVDs and even VHS tapes, but it was revealed a few weeks ago that she *did not know* we also had broadcast TV channels at home. Just like at her uncle’s house…

      • Rob Slaven

        Um. WOW! Actually wasn’t aware that you had broadcast TV…. That’s… just … wow. 🙂

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