Cola-Cola 1959

You can tell a lot about how a society wants to see itself by its advertising. Clearly, in 1959 we were all just idiotically happy eating our sandwiches and drinking our sodas. I’d be absolutely astonished if the girl in this picture actually finished that huge meal though and the drive-in is very trusting to be handing out glass salt and pepper shakers to every car.

Coca-Cola 1959

Ad Text:

Brighten every bite with Coke! Only Coca-Cola gives you that cheerful lift… that cold crisp taste! No wonder it’s the real refreshment… anytime… anywhere you’re driving! Pause… for Coke!



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5 responses to “Cola-Cola 1959

  1. It is true though Coke does give a cheerful lift and has a cold crisp taste. Always has 😉 Thanks for reading my post.

  2. Robert

    I remember some time ago reading a story about a family who found Coca cola stock that had been purchased when it first came public in their addict. 1800s sometime. It was worth millions.
    Tried to Google it but could not find it. Was a story in a news paper?

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