A Guide to this Blog…

So the first thing to know about this blog is that it’s not actually one blog but, in fact, three blogs.  I tend to go on sporadic tears on all sorts of random topics and I’ve often said that I pick up interests and hobbies in the same way that other people pick up loose change on the street.  So over the years I’ve puttered around with a lot of different things and as such I can’t possibly expect any reasonably sane group of people to actually care about all of them.  From such scattered thinking on my part was born the need for three blogs instead of one.  I want people to be able to get the random crap they want and happily ignore the random crap they do NOT want.

Unlike Google’s Blogger, WordPress – bless its magically helpful heart – allows me to do this rather seamlessly.  In some ways, perhaps a bit too seamlessly as I suspect it confuses people at times.  So, continuing on at what must seem a glacial pace, I give you, the blogs:

  1. The primary blog is The Tattered Thread.  Here you’ll find all the random housekeeping tidbits and my attempts at writing.  The current flavor of the day seems to be science fiction but long term I imagine this really being more about my personal ramblings and literature in general.  If you find my tendency towards prolix soliloquy annoying then DO NOT READ The Tattered Thread.  It’s nothing BUT prolix soliloquy.  That said, it’s also the catch-all for emerging and random ideas as they roll about in my head, so when I add a 4th and 5th and 80th blog to this collection, you can bet that it’ll have its roots in The Thread.
  2. Secondarily, we have Rob Slaven Photography.  This eponymous little creature is the home of my photographic endeavors.  I try to keep the words short and the photos amusing.  Those who prefer to consume their blogs in photo form should go over there.
  3. Tertiarily and at least in part because I like the idea of using the word tertiarily, we have Golden Oldies Ads.  Over the years I’ve collected print advertising from magazines and I think these dusty attempts to get people to buy stuff that they don’t necessarily want or need really have a lot to say about society and the people in it.  Not to mention, they can just be downright amusing.  You haven’t lived until you’ve seen what passed for fashionable clothing in the early 70s.

So there’s the nickel tour.  I try to make sure a new post is scheduled for each blog at 5pm EST.  Read what you want and ignore what you don’t.  I can’t make it any easier than that.


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2 responses to “A Guide to this Blog…

  1. I came of age in the early seventies and still like the fashion styles…But then I’m partial and extremely nostalgic…Love the old ads; humble, amusing forgotten markers of a pop culture to date unmatched; as far as the attempt to sell things to people that they don’t really need saying alot about society, look at the high dollar sheen everywhere you turn these days, it all seems to be about bigger, better, shinier and more expensive–always on the upgrade–what does that say?

    • Rob Slaven

      Yeah, agreed, we haven’t come very far in the materialistic tendency of our culture. So yeah, I’m complaining a bit inappropriately in that case. Still really fun to look back on (or look at for the first time for the younger of us) 🙂

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