Be Really Refreshed… Coca Cola 1959

One would get the idea, perusing Coke ads over the years, that we’re supposed to get the idea that this product is just tooth-chatteringly cold.  I suppose that’s generally the case but the marketing here would seem to indicate that the Coca-Cola bottling company invented the concept.

Coca-Cola 1959

Ad Text:

Reach for Coca-Cola… and be really refreshed! Only Coke gives you the cheerful lift that’s bright and lively… the cold crisp taste that deeply satisfies! Pause often… and always drink Coke!


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2 responses to “Be Really Refreshed… Coca Cola 1959

  1. sheafferhistorian

    The cooler is fantastic ! Those things are a hot item right now

  2. twintrons

    Ah, Coke, I can’t get enough of it.

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