The Boob Tube – RCA Televisions, 1965

As I sit here with my laptop computer and my iPhone next to me and my Kindle in the other room that can all show me video with crystal clarity, it’s hard to think that there was a time, not all that long ago, when all that was fairly complicated. Do you think that if you’d told people in 1965 that some day their TV would stream magically through the air that they would have believed you?

The Compact Option

The Compact Option

For those wanting really high fidelity, you have the option of the console model. The ad is worth a closer look. Click to view the circuit board size comparison with various satellites. They’re very clearly bragging that their television set has a circuit board that’s similar in size (and design) with those in use by NASA in 1965!

The TV wall

The TV wall



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15 responses to “The Boob Tube – RCA Televisions, 1965

  1. Gurpreet Singh

    Love the TV ad … innovative and sexy!

  2. I remember getting a color television as a kid! We were the first on the block to get one. Funny, can’t imagine anything else now. 🙂 How spoiled we get over time with new things.

    • Rob Slaven

      Yeah, how would the kids of today (and adults too) grumble and grouse if we tried to give them even an old color tv? Ah how “fondly” I remember having to adjust the rabbit ears on an old black and white set every time I GOT UP to change the channel. Now THAT was some grand technology. 🙂

      • Rabbit ears! 🙂 Haven’t thought of THOSE THINGS in a long time. Don’t miss them one bit. Yes, and getting a remote was such a big deal. My dad worked hard so on the weekends he’d watch football and news, etc…I can still remember being called in to the house from playing outside to change the channel for him! Did anyone else have to submit to this injustice!??!? I remember being amazed. ‘Course back then you didn’t say anything to dad, you might get your head knocked off. 🙂

      • Rob Slaven

        Yeah, kids today totally don’t remember BEING the remote. 🙂

      • Yep, no concept of being the remote. Hahahahaha Funny how things change, isn’t it?

  3. Loving these old ads! When I was a kid much of the technology stuff that was talked about for the future seemed so, well, futuristic and outright surreal!

  4. What’s most amazing to me comes from your first lines — that we used to buy large, bulky devices that only showed video… Wow. And we were grateful. I think that’s the first time I’ve used that phrase seriously. How time has marched on, and how I failed to notice…

    Because I mean, TV did stream magically through the air in 1965. It was just analog instead of tcp/ip packets. Yet that subtle difference blinds us to how amazing this progress really is. I at least, think of a smart phone as a little computer, and so yes the size is amazing, but I expect it should do most if not all of the things a computer does. But think of it instead as a little TV. How mind blowingly amazing it then becomes that it does so much more!

    • Rob Slaven

      yeah, somewhere I have a news article from about 1911 talking about the first sort of rumblings of television. I need to dig that up. We’ve done come a long way!

  5. We lived way out in the country when I was a kid and would have to go outside and turn the antennae when we changed channels…ha…can you see kids doing that nowadays?

  6. Love “boob tube” . My parents still use that phrase. come to think of it — so do I. lol

  7. sueromeiser

    Those were the days of television!

  8. It is astounding the leaps we have made over the last 30 years – sort of scary when you wonder what the next 30 will hold…

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