They’re on a Mission from God – The Blues Brothers [1980]

Coming June 20th to a Theatre near you, The Blues Brothers! Rated R, I’m always amused to note because of some profanity. I wonder what rating it would earn in today’s profanity-filled world?

The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers

In a few words though, best movie EVER and music to die for.



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13 responses to “They’re on a Mission from God – The Blues Brothers [1980]

  1. It’s funny…considering the poor concepts and writing that we have for most comedies right now,if this was to come out in theatres again, I bet it could beat a number of current ones out…

  2. ^^ This. It is a statement on today’s world, that 21-year old comedy would be more successful than our current one. I can’t imagine that this would recieve anything like an R rating nowadays 🙂

  3. Hey man, I was long looking for a proper advertising blog. If you have more classic and kick ass ad blogs, please feel free to send me the links. Thanks, love and hugs.

  4. Good point about the ratings, like candyland compared to today’s “anything goes” standards! Back then and much earlier, comedy was truly rich…nothing like much of the trash these days.

  5. Mr Mole

    now there was a good film and the music………….

  6. How prominently billed the musicians are… Rightly so, but I was blind to that when I last saw this poster as a yout…

  7. I’ve seen that film dozens of times but this is the first time I ever saw that poster. Nice!

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