1937 Lincoln Zephyr V-12

The Zephry V-12 is a revolutionary vehicle! Owners consistently report getting 14-18 miles to the gallon!

1937 Lincoln Zephyr

1937 Lincoln Zephyr


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5 responses to “1937 Lincoln Zephyr V-12

  1. Love it! What class…Not too economical or ecological, yes, but ya gotta admit they sure knew how to make cars back then!

  2. Interesting conceit too. The car defeated the badlands. If I drove through them successfully today in a much superior car, I’d merely think it “survived”… Is that a sign of the times? Then and now?

    • Rob Slaven

      um, maybe? War looming on the horizon of history, everyone needing to feel powerful? Dunno. We read a lot of history but it can sometimes be hard to capture the spirit of a time around the events in it.

      • Yeah, you’re right about capturing the spirit of times past… Good point. Having said that makes me think they realized this in the 60s and 70s. Seems they made an effort to also document how they felt about the things that were happening then…

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