The Camera that won’t let you Miss! Kodak Reflect Camera – 1948

Yes, it’s hard to believe that there was a day, not so long ago, when we actually had to take pictures with film and have that film sent off to be developed. Back in these days a camera was very much just a box with a lens and a shutter. This little number boasts photos almost 3 inches wide on a side!

1948 Kodak

1948 Kodak

And it’s a steal at $120!

Oh, and as previously stated I have all the originals if anyone is interested.



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7 responses to “The Camera that won’t let you Miss! Kodak Reflect Camera – 1948

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    Great Ad! My grandmother had one of these cameras.
    Most cameras these days are throwaways.
    I’m sorry to bash Kodak but I will never buy one of there products again. When the 8.0 first came out I bought one. $388. Just after the year warranty ran out a little cloth washer came loose where the lens moves in and out. Taking it to a camera shop they told me it wasn’t worth fixing. The fewer moving parts on your camera the better. It still works and takes videos but it doesn’t close properly..
    Oh the good old days and you had to buy film too!
    I really enjoy your site and visit daily.

  2. sheafferhistorian

    I remember playing with this…my parents were throwing it away after buying the brick kodak model.

    • Rob Slaven

      Yeah, it’s funny how quickly things turn from “cool new thing!” to “trash we don’t care about”… šŸ™‚

  3. Another great old ad. Believe it or not, some people still buy film! Ha Ha! All of the photos on my blog were actually taken the old-fashioned way with film, developed and then scanned, and many of them with a disposable camera…God it’s days like this I feel somewhat like a dinasaur!…even though I truly enjoy doing things the “old school” way. The camera in this ad looks a little like my very first as a kid, but is still somewhat before my time.

    • Rob Slaven

      Yeah, admittedly, the film thing appeals to be philosophically but I just can’t stand the idea of the cost. I have a really hard time pursuing any hobby that costs me so much in developing.

  4. Shows me the picture before I even take it?! Witchcraft!

    Thanks for sharing these old ads. I always find myself coming back.

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