Baker Electric Automobiles – 1911

In today’s world we’re impressed with automobile innovations like the Chevy Volt and hybrids but it’s easy to forget that we actually already DID the whole electric vehicle thing as evidenced by this ad from 1911 that sings the praises of the Shaft-Driven Baker Electric Motor-Vehicle. The “long distance” referred to in the ad was, in fact, 50 miles.

1911 Baker Electric Vehicles

1911 Baker Electric Vehicles

The Baker Electric price topped out at $2,800, which is $36,000 when you adjust for inflation. The company merged with Rauch and Lang in 1914 and the last Baker vehicles left the assembly lines in 1916.



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5 responses to “Baker Electric Automobiles – 1911

  1. Interesting – I wonder if it’s true that electric cars died out because of unfair tricks by the oil companies, or whether the 1911 versions really were inferior to the Model T? But fifty miles probably did count as “long distance” when your standard of comparison was how far the average horse could pull the carriage without stopping to rest!

    • Rob Slaven

      well, as much as I love a good conspiracy, I’d just say, blindly, YES! I don’t know honestly why but if I had to guess it’s about the range. Gas tanks can be made indefinitely large. Batteries, especially of the time, were very limited capacity. *shrug* either way, you bring up a great question.

  2. chaconrafa

    I have enjoyed your site I shall continue coming, thank you very much.

  3. I like the 1916 price better

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