1920 Victrola – His Master’s Voice

For decades and decades that poor dog stuck his little snout into the bell of that Victrola. I’m willing to say that he’s probably stone deaf after all that noise at such close range.

1920 Victrola

1920 Victrola

Perusing these ads, Caruso is mentioned again and again. I wonder how many people in 2012 know who he was? Such is the fleeting light of fame. 90 years to anonymity.


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4 responses to “1920 Victrola – His Master’s Voice

  1. Some people may have forgotten Caruso. But ten times as many people have forgotten the name of the dog in the Victrola ads. Poor Nipper; he didn’t even get 15 seconds of fame.

    (I was led here from your comment over at “New Discoveries and Comments about Creationism.” Which has not in four years reported a single new discovery made using creationist principles.)

  2. lolweltschmerz

    I know who Caruso was 🙂

  3. The tower of the RCA (Victor) building in downtown Camden featured four, count’em four, stained-glass dogs with Victrolas, one on each side. After the building was abandoned, the glass gradually broke, section by section, and the dogs came close to being completely destroyed. A couple of decades ago they were refurbished when it was converted to condos, but I haven’t noticed if they’re still there.

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