When Bigger Meant Better – 1914 Hamburg American Cruise Lines

Just a few years after a rather unpleasant occurrence with an unsinkable ship, we find the cruise line industry is still going strong. The Vaterland would find itself seized by the Americans at the commencement of World War I and put to service in the U.S. Navy.

From Classic Ads – Travel

Note the text offers a 135-day cruise for $900. That would be $19,000 in today’s dollars. Pretty sure I don’t have that sort of money laying about but if you all just donate $20 I’ll promise to write to you every day.


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One response to “When Bigger Meant Better – 1914 Hamburg American Cruise Lines

  1. That might be $19,000 but it is way short of what a cruise like that would cost. The cruise line I once sailed had a 93 day “world” cruise where they hit every imaginable port. Cost: $26,959. I remember because I have always wanted to take the cruise. Around 12 years ago someone was building a ship and was selling the suites. You could get on and off as you pleased or live on it. Now that sounded grand to me.

    Thanks for checking out my blog and the Liebster. Because of that I came here and I love your blogs (I’ve seen two thus far).

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