Early 70s Fashion Free-for-all

It’s almost too easy to take pot-shots at seventy’s fashions but I’ll do it anyway. Imagine, if you will, a world in which it’s cool to wear all-denim outfits. Is this what you imagined?

1973 Denim Live-Ins

1973 Denim Live-Ins

One one hand, I regret that male fashions have become so drab and plastic. On the other hand, I can’t help but think that if THIS is what male self-expression in the area of fashion looks like then maybe we’re better off being drab?

1973 Sears Shirts

1973 Sears Shirts

And who approved these color choices?

1972 Sears Slacks

1972 Sears Slacks

And the shoes are to die for. Or… well, at least you’ll want to die.

1973 Johnston and Murphy

1973 Johnston and Murphy



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6 responses to “Early 70s Fashion Free-for-all

  1. I was just a kid in the early 70s, but old enough to remember such hideous men’s fashions. So many of the styles during that decade were like some form of mass fashion hysteria.

  2. Those are some damn fine shirt & tie sets there…

  3. These are great. And the hair!

  4. call mr crazy, but I love 70’s fashion! I think I just have good memories of those years!

  5. Now here are the makings for a truly fashionable male!

    All cards on the table, though, i would wear those knit slacks in a heartbeat.

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