1965 RCA Color Television – Jack Benny and Johnny Carson

Today’s advert isn’t so much about the product as it is the people selling it. As an aficionado of all things archaic, for me Benny was the icon of an a full half-century of entertainment. While never the most politically correct nor a friend to those who appreciated the violin, Benny was telling the same jokes you laugh at today back in the 1920s. To me Carson was always a much dimmer light in the world of entertainment but he’s OK here too.

1965 RCA Color Televisions - Jack Benny, Johnny Carson

1965 RCA Color Televisions - Jack Benny, Johnny Carson

Switching gears a bit, I’d like some feedback and opinions here. There seems to be a fair amount of interest in this blog and for that I thank you. You’re all appreciated and welcomed. I would like to hear your thoughts on the general selection for ads. Anything you want more of or less of? More content and analysis or less blather? Prefer a certain genre of products? I’ve been withholding dozens of automotive ads on the principal that it’s fairly redundant and dull. Is it? Anyway, all thoughts appreciated. Help me steer this thing!



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6 responses to “1965 RCA Color Television – Jack Benny and Johnny Carson

  1. Jim

    Part of the fun of your blog is seeing what you come up with next, so from my perspective there’s no need to change anything!

  2. As far as automotive ads go I think the question is, “what do you have to say about them?” If you feel like you would be repetitive, then better hold back till you find other angles to look at the ads from – if only to keep up your own interest!

    Overall, you have been finding ways to make these old ads fun or informative – so unless you’re running low on material, it doesn’t feel like this is an emergency.

    • Rob Slaven

      Thanks for the feedback, newpillowbook. I’ve actually got tons of material but it never hurts to check in with the audience from time to time. I’ll endeavor to keep it fresh. 🙂

  3. Hi Rob,
    I particularly like ads relating to early radio and TV. They could be about the products or accessories to those products, as well as the programming airing on them. I really like the things you post. This a very enjoyable blog!

  4. I remember these adds from childhood. God, I’m getting old. 🙂 Who’d have ever though we’d have all the gadgets we do today, way back then?

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