March 1980 – Dungeons and Dragons

Nowadays, midst of such travesties as Twilight and Harry Potter we’re used to seeing hints of the mystic but there was a day, not so long ago when all we had was Dungeons and Dragons. Not even the advanced edition, just the vanilla offering from TSR complete with kobolds with only half a hit-die. If you’ve ever rolled a natural 2o then you remember these halcyon days.

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4 responses to “March 1980 – Dungeons and Dragons

  1. Val

    I have those! Haha I love looking through them, its amazing how far the game has come.

  2. I remember my kids and my nephew sitting around playing D&D day and night. It’s amazing how involved they got in their role playing. I felt like I lived in a different Country, speaking a different language, when they were playing their games. I was evidently the dinosaur in the crowd.

  3. I learned more than I care to admit about mythical creatures and all sorts of dieties (Norse, Sumerian, Egyptian, etc.) from AD&D’s “Monster Manual” and “Dieties & Demigods” books. Thanks for this posting. Really took me back.

  4. Hey! I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. Check out the rules and award info on my blog

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