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Who’s drinking all that Diet-Rite Cola? 1965

The answer to the title question seems to be….

  • a woman on a boat who looks like she just got done doing a cigarette ad.
  • a guy who was cut out of some other ad and pasted sloppily over a picture of a cornfield
  • a boy at a baseball game who’s way too happy to be drinking a diet drink
  • another woman who’s wearing a dress made from set of really ugly drapes

Diet-Rite Cola 1965

Ad Text:

Diet-Rite is the new family favorite of millions – the best-tasting cola you can buy. Better-tasting than old-time favorites… or their low-calorie offshoots. No sugar at all. Less than 1 calorie per bottle. Bring home a carton of Diet-Rite Cola for your family…today!

One must admit that this ad certainly wins the prize for most hyphens and unnecessary ellipsis in a paragraph. But then it was 1965, an age when the U.S. had tons and tons of extra punctuation just laying around not being used for anything.  Also, I can’t help but be shocked at their low-blow pot-shots… at old-time favorites…


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