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Select your Victrola for Christmas [1919]

In honor of the upcoming holiday, we bring you a Christmas suggestion from nearly 100 years ago.

1919 RCA Victrola

1919 RCA Victrola

For the record, this would be the best Christmas gift EVER! Even all this time later.



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Reclaim your White Teeth. Klenzo Dental Cream 1919

I don’t mind saying that this kid… is WAY too happy to be brushing his teeth.  There must be something in there besides simple tooth powder.


Klenzo Dental Creme 1919

Klenzo Dental Creme 1919

Ad Text:

They ought to be white and gleaming. They ought to make your smile a joy. For white teeth are natural — darkened, discolored teeth are unnatural.
Get back your natural right by starting today to clean your teeth with Klenzo Dental Creme – the cream that cleans, polishes and restores the enamel of the teeth to its natural whiteness, making it resist decay.
Klenzo is a snow-white dental creme, made by a formula unlike any other dentrifice. Its snowy foam reaches the crevices of the teeth, dissolving foreign deposits and polishing the enamel clean.
And all the while, it imparts a wonderful refreshing sensation which is evidence that it is doing its work – that Cool, Clean, Klenzo Feeling.
Get a tube today at the nearest Rexall Store. And note that the new tube of Klenzo – at the same old price – contains more for your money.
If your teeth do not show a marked improvement after using it ten days, the druggist will refund your money.

I’m sold!


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