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George Washington’s Instant Coffee 1920

First of all, it’s not THAT George Washington. This George Washington was a Belgian inventor holding patents for a few dozen products including instant coffee. His company was created in 1910 and the brand lasted until 1961 when it was discontinued.

1920 George Washington Coffee

1920 George Washington Coffee

Ad Text:

Made in the cup at the table
The Easier kind of Coffee – No Coffee Pot Needed
G. Washington’s coffee dissolves instantly in hot or cold water. Absolutely pure, delicious coffee always. Each cup to order.

All the preparing scientifically and perfectly done by Mr. Washington’s refining process – which eliminates the woody fibre, chaff and waste.

Send 10c for a Special Trial Size. Recipe Booklet Free.

Admittedly, the need to state that there’s no woody fibre or waste in the coffee gets my attention. Food and beverage quality fail 90 years ago.


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