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The nation’s standard of delicious soup! 1933 Campbell’s Soup

Campbell’s has been around for almost 150 years and in that time lots has remained the same but flavors come and flavors go. This ad from 1933 features such taste treats as:

  • Asparagus
  • Celery
  • Mock Turtle
  • Mulligatawny
  • Mutton
  • Ox Tail

Not exactly flavors you’d expect to sell well in this day and age.

From Classic Ads – Food And Drink

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Maxwell House Coffee – December 30, 1933

When I first saw this advert, the thing that occurred to me most strongly was that the ad featured Alan Hale, the Skipper on Gilligan’s Island.

From Classic Ads – Food And Drink

That was until I realized that the ad was printed when Alan was only 12. It’s funny how little people have changed over the decades. It’s not Alan, it’s Captain Henry, Charles Winninger from the Maxwell House Show Boat! Check it out on the NBC Thursday Night Coast-to-Coast Hookup! Just tune your radio dial to 1933.


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1934 General Electric Refrigerators

The year is 1934 and based on the text of this ad, a refrigerator is a luxury that some people just haven’t quite gotten around to appreciating yet. “Luxurious convenience every day in the year” the ad promises and now you can safely save leftovers. It even has a foot-pedal door opener, automatic interior lighting and semi-automatic defrosting. You can’t beat that!

1934 General Electric Refrigerators

1934 General Electric Refrigerators

I have to say, those women look PRETTY happy. Maybe we should all buy our wives refrigerators!


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The Pause the Refreshes while Shopping – 1936 Coca Cola

There’s certainly no fear of gender stereotypes here. These gals are decked out in the absolute latest fashions as they’re out shopping in fur coat and jaunty cap.  Luckily for these thirsty shoppers Coke is available “just around the corner from anywhere” for just five cents!

1936 Coca Cola

1936 Coca Cola

And when you get home, Ray Noble and his orchestra play “the kind of music that youthful people go for” at 9:30 eastern on the Columbia Network. When’s the last time you saw a print ad for a radio program? That Ray Noble is really decked out to the nines. With that little baton you can bet that they’re going to be playing some real swingin’ tunes!


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Her First Telephone Call – 1937 Bell Telephone System

So I grew up in the 70s and to me, for whatever reason, the telephone was something that adults used. Long distance had an exorbitant cost and phones had cords. It was just… very, very different.

In this advert from 1937 it’s evident that the phone is still an item used for business and business only. Betty Sue is making her first call today and “the telephone may some day become commonplace.” My how times have changed. Kids not only consider the phone commonplace but many have their own numbers. Also, check out the size of that receiver. You could bludgeon a polar bear with that thing.

First Phone Call

First Phone Call

What’s your history with the phone? Was your first phone call a significant day in your life?


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Pepsodent Tooth Paste containing Irium! [1937]

I don’t know about you, but I can’t WAIT to get my hands on some Irium! This was a time, apparently, when advertising some random and mysterious ingredient in your product was a GOOD thing.

Irium Rocks!

Irium Rocks!

I have to say that the guy brushing his teeth… seems absolutely pained. I guess that’s why he needs Irium?


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