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Announcing Three New Studebakers for 1942!

“Studebaker is building an unlimited quantity of airplane engines, military trucks and other materiel for national defense,” touts the ad.  Unlimited?  With productivity like that we should have won the war in three months.  And dig that thrilling “Skyway Styling”!


1942 Studebakers

1942 Studebakers



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I’ll be safer on Pullman than you two at Home! [1941]

Well heck! Why not just stay on the train all the time?!?!? Well, no wait a minute, this was also a time in history when 9 out of 10 doctors chose Lucky Strike cigarettes. *ahem*

Pullman Trains

Pullman Trains


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The Camera that won’t let you Miss! Kodak Reflect Camera – 1948

Yes, it’s hard to believe that there was a day, not so long ago, when we actually had to take pictures with film and have that film sent off to be developed. Back in these days a camera was very much just a box with a lens and a shutter. This little number boasts photos almost 3 inches wide on a side!

1948 Kodak

1948 Kodak

And it’s a steal at $120!

Oh, and as previously stated I have all the originals if anyone is interested.


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The pause for people-on-the-go… Coca-Cola 1941

The year is 1941 and the world is at war. Meanwhile, this fancy Press Agent in a smooth hat and suit is enjoying a tiny glass of coke. Perhaps he’s a giant.

Coca-Cola 1941

Coca-Cola 1941

Ad Text:

People on-the-go are never too busy to go to the soda fountain. It’s a place where the hurried are glad to take a minute the pause that refreshes with ice-cold Coca-Cola… that refreshing little stop that keeps you going. Try it. 5c

You taste its quality
Experience proves that nothing takes the place of quality. You taste the quality of ice-cold Coca-Cola. Again and again you enjoy the charm of its delicious taste… and its cool, clean after-sense of complete refreshment. Thirst asks nothing more.

Now we’re told that we’re not too busy to go for a soda. What does this ad make you think of? Would you buy this product? Would you date this guy in the hat?

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