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A collection of adverts from 1965

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1965 Dr Pepper Hot

1965 Dr. Pepper. Does anyone remember drinking Dr. Pepper as a hot drink?

1965 Chesterfield

1965 Chesterfield King Cigarettes. They satisfy! Especially for those who hate those pesky filters filtering out deadly toxins. More toxins please!

1965 Condatine Tomato Sauce

1965 Condatina tomato sauce coupon. By today’s standards, 6-cents is nothing but back then it was nothing to sneeze at.

1965 RCA Color Televisions - Jack Benny, Johnny Carson

1965 RCA Color Televisions – Jack Benny, Johnny Carson

1965 Schlitz Beer

1965 Schlitz Beer. This is obviously a dude who doesn’t have to clean his own floors.

1965 Tampax Tampons

1965 Tampax. Feminine Hygiene has always been a mystery to me but it much less perplexing than the advertising for it.

1965 Vokswagon

1965 Volkswagon. Must admit, I’d love to putter around in one of these. Even if they are deathtraps


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The Boob Tube – RCA Televisions, 1965

As I sit here with my laptop computer and my iPhone next to me and my Kindle in the other room that can all show me video with crystal clarity, it’s hard to think that there was a time, not all that long ago, when all that was fairly complicated. Do you think that if you’d told people in 1965 that some day their TV would stream magically through the air that they would have believed you?

The Compact Option

The Compact Option

For those wanting really high fidelity, you have the option of the console model. The ad is worth a closer look. Click to view the circuit board size comparison with various satellites. They’re very clearly bragging that their television set has a circuit board that’s similar in size (and design) with those in use by NASA in 1965!

The TV wall

The TV wall


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Who’s drinking all that Diet-Rite Cola? 1965

The answer to the title question seems to be….

  • a woman on a boat who looks like she just got done doing a cigarette ad.
  • a guy who was cut out of some other ad and pasted sloppily over a picture of a cornfield
  • a boy at a baseball game who’s way too happy to be drinking a diet drink
  • another woman who’s wearing a dress made from set of really ugly drapes

Diet-Rite Cola 1965

Ad Text:

Diet-Rite is the new family favorite of millions – the best-tasting cola you can buy. Better-tasting than old-time favorites… or their low-calorie offshoots. No sugar at all. Less than 1 calorie per bottle. Bring home a carton of Diet-Rite Cola for your family…today!

One must admit that this ad certainly wins the prize for most hyphens and unnecessary ellipsis in a paragraph. But then it was 1965, an age when the U.S. had tons and tons of extra punctuation just laying around not being used for anything.  Also, I can’t help but be shocked at their low-blow pot-shots… at old-time favorites…

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