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Any Child Could Keep a Toilet Clean and Pure – Sani-flush [1938]

I’m no expert but I’m fairly certain that if you give your small child powerful, caustic chemicals and expect them to use them to clean the toilet, certain individuals at Child Protective Services might just give you a visit.

Sani-Flush 1938

Sani-Flush 1938

Ad Text:

No more scrubbing toilets. No more smelly disinfectants.  Don’t even touch the bowl with your hands.  SANI-FLUSH is made scientifically to clean toilets!

Just dash a little in the bowl.  (Follow directions on the can.)  Flush the toilet and that’s all there is to it!  Stains and spots vanish.  Odors are banished.  Germs are killed.  The hidden trap that no amount of scrubbing can reach is purified.  The bowl glistens like new.  SANI-FLUSH can’t injure plumbing connections.  It is also effective for cleaning automobile radiators (directions on the can).  Sold by grocery, drug, hardware, and five-and-ten-cent stores.  25c and 10c sizes.  The Hygienic Products Co., Canton O.

I’ll give them credit.  The product sure SOUNDS easy to use.  I’ve seen chewing gum wrappers with more complicated instructions.  Clearly though, this is a vast oversimplification.  And one has to admit that the can must just be absolutely crammed with directions.  It’s practically a comprehensive manual on how to clean everything from toilets to car radiators.  I’m fairly certain that sometime in the 40s this product was also sold as a delicious bedtime snack.  Sani-Flush: Good for what ails ya!  And it’ll clean your toilet too!




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