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The Pause the Refreshes while Shopping – 1936 Coca Cola

There’s certainly no fear of gender stereotypes here. These gals are decked out in the absolute latest fashions as they’re out shopping in fur coat and jaunty cap.  Luckily for these thirsty shoppers Coke is available “just around the corner from anywhere” for just five cents!

1936 Coca Cola

1936 Coca Cola

And when you get home, Ray Noble and his orchestra play “the kind of music that youthful people go for” at 9:30 eastern on the Columbia Network. When’s the last time you saw a print ad for a radio program? That Ray Noble is really decked out to the nines. With that little baton you can bet that they’re going to be playing some real swingin’ tunes!



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Be Really Refreshed… Coca Cola 1959

One would get the idea, perusing Coke ads over the years, that we’re supposed to get the idea that this product is just tooth-chatteringly cold.  I suppose that’s generally the case but the marketing here would seem to indicate that the Coca-Cola bottling company invented the concept.

Coca-Cola 1959

Ad Text:

Reach for Coca-Cola… and be really refreshed! Only Coke gives you the cheerful lift that’s bright and lively… the cold crisp taste that deeply satisfies! Pause often… and always drink Coke!


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The pause for people-on-the-go… Coca-Cola 1941

The year is 1941 and the world is at war. Meanwhile, this fancy Press Agent in a smooth hat and suit is enjoying a tiny glass of coke. Perhaps he’s a giant.

Coca-Cola 1941

Coca-Cola 1941

Ad Text:

People on-the-go are never too busy to go to the soda fountain. It’s a place where the hurried are glad to take a minute the pause that refreshes with ice-cold Coca-Cola… that refreshing little stop that keeps you going. Try it. 5c

You taste its quality
Experience proves that nothing takes the place of quality. You taste the quality of ice-cold Coca-Cola. Again and again you enjoy the charm of its delicious taste… and its cool, clean after-sense of complete refreshment. Thirst asks nothing more.

Now we’re told that we’re not too busy to go for a soda. What does this ad make you think of? Would you buy this product? Would you date this guy in the hat?

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Cola-Cola 1959

You can tell a lot about how a society wants to see itself by its advertising. Clearly, in 1959 we were all just idiotically happy eating our sandwiches and drinking our sodas. I’d be absolutely astonished if the girl in this picture actually finished that huge meal though and the drive-in is very trusting to be handing out glass salt and pepper shakers to every car.

Coca-Cola 1959

Ad Text:

Brighten every bite with Coke! Only Coca-Cola gives you that cheerful lift… that cold crisp taste! No wonder it’s the real refreshment… anytime… anywhere you’re driving! Pause… for Coke!


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Who’s drinking all that Diet-Rite Cola? 1965

The answer to the title question seems to be….

  • a woman on a boat who looks like she just got done doing a cigarette ad.
  • a guy who was cut out of some other ad and pasted sloppily over a picture of a cornfield
  • a boy at a baseball game who’s way too happy to be drinking a diet drink
  • another woman who’s wearing a dress made from set of really ugly drapes

Diet-Rite Cola 1965

Ad Text:

Diet-Rite is the new family favorite of millions – the best-tasting cola you can buy. Better-tasting than old-time favorites… or their low-calorie offshoots. No sugar at all. Less than 1 calorie per bottle. Bring home a carton of Diet-Rite Cola for your family…today!

One must admit that this ad certainly wins the prize for most hyphens and unnecessary ellipsis in a paragraph. But then it was 1965, an age when the U.S. had tons and tons of extra punctuation just laying around not being used for anything.  Also, I can’t help but be shocked at their low-blow pot-shots… at old-time favorites…

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O-o-oh for the pause that refreshes… Coca-Cola 1935

This woman looks about as uncomfortable as any person I have ever seen in my entire life. It’s terrifying to think how much electricity is flowing through the electric hair curlers in this 1935 advertisement for Coca-Cola. I, for one, am glad that firstly, men are not subject (at least in general) to such tortures and secondly that women… well… woman only get tortured on this scale once a month or so.

Coca-Cola 1935
Ad Text:

O-o-oh for the pause that refreshes. But why keep on Longing…? In a beauty parlor or any situation, ice-cold Coca-Cola makes a pause refreshing… with a wave of wholesome buoyancy that restores you to normal. And Coca-Cola is ready at fountains or in bottles, ice-cold and tingling, around the corner from anywhere.


We’re to believe that the product will be so refreshing that it almost makes you float on air!  Go to your local soda fountain today and get some!  If, that is, you can find a soda fountain.

So would you buy this product based on this ad?  Does it make you feel positively about the product?  More importantly, would you have your hair done with such a contraption?


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