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Her First Telephone Call – 1937 Bell Telephone System

So I grew up in the 70s and to me, for whatever reason, the telephone was something that adults used. Long distance had an exorbitant cost and phones had cords. It was just… very, very different.

In this advert from 1937 it’s evident that the phone is still an item used for business and business only. Betty Sue is making her first call today and “the telephone may some day become commonplace.” My how times have changed. Kids not only consider the phone commonplace but many have their own numbers. Also, check out the size of that receiver. You could bludgeon a polar bear with that thing.

First Phone Call

First Phone Call

What’s your history with the phone? Was your first phone call a significant day in your life?



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Reach out and Touch Someone – Bell System [1979]

Well here it is the day before Christmas and I don’t know about you but to me nothing says “Holidays” like creepy clowns making long-distance phone calls. So harken back to the days when phones had cords and slogans like “Reach out and Touch Someone” didn’t have really uncomfortable subtexts.


Reach out and Touch Someone

Reach out and Touch Someone (Click to view or download full-size)


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