Now your English Mistakes are History – Smith Corona Word processor, 1988

As I sit here typing away on my computer that automatically corrects my spelling and transmits whatever I write to the four people who pay attention to this blog, I’m reminded that there was a day not so long ago when one was responsible for ones own mistakes. Thanks be that those days are gone.

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3 responses to “Now your English Mistakes are History – Smith Corona Word processor, 1988

  1. What amazes me is that someone who knew how to do office work in 1910 could pretty much have walked into an office in 1985 and started work right away – they’d have needed five minutes of training on the photocopier, but that’s about it. Seventy-five years of stasis. Twenty-seven years later? Total change.

    • Rob Slaven

      That’s actually a great point. Even now our keyboards are laid out the same way. (Despite the fact that we no longer need the delay that layout creates to let the little metal hammers make their way safely back from the page) 🙂

  2. kevin lynn

    I worked at a retailer that sold these. Smith’s rep did a training for our staff. We were all amazed at the feature that would ‘auto-correct’ what had already been typed onto paper. It lifted the characters off the paper and replaced it with the corrected version. You could also use the LCD display to look up words in the built in dictionary. This thing was pretty cool for it’s day!

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