Announcing Three New Studebakers for 1942!

“Studebaker is building an unlimited quantity of airplane engines, military trucks and other materiel for national defense,” touts the ad.  Unlimited?  With productivity like that we should have won the war in three months.  And dig that thrilling “Skyway Styling”!


1942 Studebakers

1942 Studebakers



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2 responses to “Announcing Three New Studebakers for 1942!

  1. “Natural habitat for a bear: a Studebaker!” [Fozzy Bear of The Muppet Show]

    I also am quite partial to Studebakers.

    I saw that you had stopped by my Rockin’ the Purple and I had to click over. You seemed to also know Justl at JustUs Society!

  2. chaconrafa

    I learned to drive my fathers 1950 Studebaker my very first car, it was a Great feeling.

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