The Pause the Refreshes while Shopping – 1936 Coca Cola

There’s certainly no fear of gender stereotypes here. These gals are decked out in the absolute latest fashions as they’re out shopping in fur coat and jaunty cap.  Luckily for these thirsty shoppers Coke is available “just around the corner from anywhere” for just five cents!

1936 Coca Cola

1936 Coca Cola

And when you get home, Ray Noble and his orchestra play “the kind of music that youthful people go for” at 9:30 eastern on the Columbia Network. When’s the last time you saw a print ad for a radio program? That Ray Noble is really decked out to the nines. With that little baton you can bet that they’re going to be playing some real swingin’ tunes!


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3 responses to “The Pause the Refreshes while Shopping – 1936 Coca Cola

  1. Awesome. I love Coca Cola, and the great old ads here are fantastic. I have a classic 1940s sign showing what is now modest female glam to a man at the beach, offering a Coke. Thanx for stopping by my site, so now I know of this one.

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