1934 General Electric Refrigerators

The year is 1934 and based on the text of this ad, a refrigerator is a luxury that some people just haven’t quite gotten around to appreciating yet. “Luxurious convenience every day in the year” the ad promises and now you can safely save leftovers. It even has a foot-pedal door opener, automatic interior lighting and semi-automatic defrosting. You can’t beat that!

1934 General Electric Refrigerators

1934 General Electric Refrigerators

I have to say, those women look PRETTY happy. Maybe we should all buy our wives refrigerators!


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4 responses to “1934 General Electric Refrigerators

  1. Jim

    I would collect vintage household appliances if I had a bigger house. They fascinate me.

  2. I agree with Jim…There is a romantic touch about them that will never fade away no matter how old they are…Such a great place that you have created here…Bev B

  3. I must say that this is by far the most interesting thing to blog about. Your blog is the first one I have come across like this, and I think its fantastic! What inspired you to go with oldie ads?

    • Rob Slaven

      Thanks, Chloe! Not sure about inspiration but I saw a few old magazines at a bookshop ages ago and the best part was the ads! So … yeah, the rest is history. I now how stacks and stacks and stacks of these old things. Far too many to get to. 🙂

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