Maxwell House Coffee – December 30, 1933

When I first saw this advert, the thing that occurred to me most strongly was that the ad featured Alan Hale, the Skipper on Gilligan’s Island.

From Classic Ads – Food And Drink

That was until I realized that the ad was printed when Alan was only 12. It’s funny how little people have changed over the decades. It’s not Alan, it’s Captain Henry, Charles Winninger from the Maxwell House Show Boat! Check it out on the NBC Thursday Night Coast-to-Coast Hookup! Just tune your radio dial to 1933.



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2 responses to “Maxwell House Coffee – December 30, 1933

  1. Very weird how stable men’s fashions are! Nobody could ever mistake women’s clothes or hairstyles from 1933 for the sixties looks on Gilligan.

    • Rob Slaven

      that’s a good point. I’ve often lamented the uniformity of mens fashion in general and you’re right, it’s been the same for nearly a century!!!!!

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